5 Key NBA 2K21 Tips To Help You Win

Learn about your NBA 2k21 skills, and you will quickly gain the skills to compete with the elite. Whether you’re wandering around Los Angeles or fighting LeBron and the brown, it’s never been more important to master attack and defense. For example, the shooting style of NBA 2k21 is very different from last year’s game, and the new challenge is how to make full use of every jump shot. It takes time to make sure you’re ready for every change, so we bring you 5 key NBA 2k21 tips to help you win the championship. If you need cheap NBA 2K21 MT, buynba2kmt.com is the best place.


1. Be familiar with the new illuminance meter

NBA 2k21 began to cancel the green indicator last year, hoping that players will work harder to score. This year, you don’t need to release the pro bar until it’s full, nor do you need to release the pro stick button or the shoot button that appears between the yellow marks in different positions on the new button. This yellow marker changes position depending on where you are on the court, which means you will never take the same picture twice. It takes time to adapt, but this new shooting style forces you to master different areas of pitch in ways you might not have thought of before.


2. Turn off the light meter

Don’t you like the top? Enter the option and turn off the new shooter, you can focus more on the player’s jump. This provides a more natural way to shoot and eliminates the hassle of focusing on the new meter – sometimes it’s too small to see clearly. If you choose to turn off the meter, make sure to release the pro stick (or shoot button) before reaching the pitch peak for the best timing.


3. Avoid controversial shooting

No matter which game mode is used, shooting with strong cover almost always ends in failure. If there is a ball, you can find a gap or get away from the defender, which can make an undisputed shot. In mycareer, find a free space on the periphery, or ask other players to provide a screen (L1 / lb) so that you can move to the open space. In this way, you can shoot without being hindered or forced to use balloons.


4. Know your hot spots

Like NBA 2k21, the focus has never been more focused on hot spots or player badges. Since the new batting table provides a more challenging challenge, understanding the player’s best batting area is essential for successful batting. Enter the freestyle session at 2ku to take time to learn, and players can score by pressing the corresponding button to view their hot area (touchpad on PS4). Red and blue areas are shown in D, which highlight where you are most likely to succeed.


5. Get your badge

Another key to success is knowing your player badge and choosing the right one when upgrading myplayer. It was hard to get into the “neighborhood” courts at first, especially because the VC wall prevented the creation of statistics. By playing mycareer and the neighborhood, you can earn points in areas such as shooting and game making. After filling in one of these indicators, you can choose a new badge to improve the player’s skills.  You get overpowered new hall of fame badges in NBA 2K21 token market. Badges such as pro touch can offer forgiveness when shooting time is limited, while giant Slayer badges can keep you free from higher defenders. Determine what type of player you want and get the badge you need to make it the best player.

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