CT8532-008 Air Jordan 3 Desert Cement 2022

Shop Air Jordan Basketball Shoes, Born in 1987, the Air Jordan 3 has become one of the most classic shoes in Jordan Brand with its classic burst. After being injected with more fashion elements by Nike, it has become a symbol of the trend and is highly sought after by sneaker players. The upper is made of black leather, and the toe and heel are presented with brown cracks, showing the high-quality texture of Air Jordan 3 as always. The overall color matching is quite “black cement”, and the basic color is not much different. If you like “black cement” and feel that the price is too high, you can consider starting this. The tongue and shoelace holes are made of light pink suede material, which brings a good sense of hierarchy. The Jumpman Logo on the tongue is shown in red, bringing a touch of dazzling details to the dark shoe body. The midsole and outsole are made of pure white and light gray rubber, which provides more color layers to the sneaker and completes the overall shoe design.
Latest Nike Jordan Sneakers, Continuing the previous design, with a linen-like upper, it is believed that comfort and breathability should be improved, and there is no need to worry about wrinkles on the toe cap if you wear too much. The Swoosh Logo on the side of the shoe is presented with embroidery, and is also divided into upper and lower layers through a special design, bringing a new visual effect. The straps on the upper are embroidered with the iconic Stüssy logo, and the heel is embellished with Stüssy jewelry, a low-key expression of the joint identity.
New Jordans Retro, The upper is based on a white lychee pattern and is matched with blue denim fabric for a unique texture. The edge of the fabric retains the raw edge treatment effect, showing a washed distressed and destroyed style, showing the wild temperament like ripped jeans. The flying wing Logo on the side of the Air Jordan 1 upper has also been replaced with a denim patch style, which is very layered. It is stamped with the gold-plated Nike Logo, creating a warm and unrestrained atmosphere that is different from the elegant appearance. There is also a golden shoelace buckle on the toe, and the knuckle-shaped ring is matched with the Jumpman Logo and Jordan words, adding a gorgeous visual effect to the shoe. With a traditional white midsole, the outsole rubber is a unique light blue, echoing the denim tone of the shoe.

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