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The details in  EVE Mobile ISK  do not actually tell us a whole lot about the Yan Jung but it’s a chance to ring something fresh and add even more diversity to the EVE encounter. A number of our staff are Asian and they love the idea of incorporating oriental culture into the game. It is going to hopefully help to greatly help expand the reach of EVE Online in many ways and deliver it to a larger population.”

The yield of the Yan Jung creates a bold statement this is not only EVE for old school gamers. NetEase and CCP spoke repeatedly of brining the heart EVE experience to mobile but have definitely made some changes to the way the game plays out. While Wei Su verified that players can play”however they need” construction corporations or going out to mine the edges of space, EVE Echoes gets a few nice additions, and this doesn’t only mean extra skins and cool looking new ships.

Among the big exclusive additions to EVE Echoes that you won’t discover in EVE Online is Outposts. Outposts are a space construction that individual players may use in adverse areas such as low sec and null sec as a staging ground and safe haven. Wei Su also verified that the Outposts will include more than just a docking bay.

“Outposts will include boosts such as resource collecting enhancements. What’s more, they may be shared with your friends also. You will absolutely be able to pick your outpost location and even make a decision as to what type of player you’ll be able to open your outpost to.”

We have only seen a glimpse of those gargantuan structures during Sunday’s teaser stream but I love the notion that I won’t need to rely on a company for a docking bay any time soon.

Thankfully though, it does not look like players who pick up EVE Echoes will need to cover to dock, or even find themselves nickel and dimed out of their center EVE Experience. With assertions that  Buy EVE Echoes ISK  will expand the heart community and replicate the heart EVE experience, it was gratifying to hear that players looking to pick up a monthly pass will use this to get an Omega Clone and ISK is not likely to change in EVE Echoes. While ISK in EVE Echoes won’t be moved between your desktop and mobile balances, Wei Su confirmed that,

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