It can’t be that bad I guess

To get a name for your Pure. . .hmmm… Slayer Dart, Dart Pure, Slayer Tank, Summoning Slayer, etcetc, sorry couln’t really think of any. In terms of Def, tbh, I believe 1 Def Pures are the very best, the battle lvls you avoid from RuneScape gold Def greatly assists in Pvp, or some other general place tbh. Otherwise 1, then 25 for a few Infinity Robes, however, 1 would be my first choice. For Summoning, it’s just a waste of money on any account, they do not help that much in conflicts and when they’re able to, you’ve blown mils on it. I have a GS Pure (In Progress) add her;”k0_rang4″ I’d be glad to help you, train on you, anything you want:3. I know you didn’t ask, but I just could not help thinking of names for the accounts, you don’e got me enthused about the other Pure. I love the thought, and if you make it, please PM me ingame, I wish you the very best of luck!

So that I will going be re-gaining my own membership. First off I am combat based and adore fighting. After I was a part I coached soley through slayer and’m currently getting 70 defence to have the ability to wear Guthans. I’ve got a net worth of around 19.3 mil using 19 mil of it being pure cash. I’d rather not waste this on un-needed skills (fletching, cooking) but place it towards great use (I plan on getting mage to 70 via alch and prayer to about 60-65).

I’m currently wishing to get back to Runescape and have several questions. I am an old school player that has been playing because RS Classic, and finally quit playing once the new commerce rule came around some time back. I had a funny feeling it would ruin the game, therefore I moved on World of Warcraft instead. Having seen Runescape still going strong & not needing to continue paying the £8.99 subscription fee for WoW, I’ve decided to return to Runescape and just put up with the newest trade strategy. It can’t be that bad I guess.

– Having been outside of RS for some time now and never made a mage before I am not quite sure where to begin. I have an alt character (who I had been going to make into a ranger but never got around to it) who I’ll be making into a Pure Mage. His stats are: Combat Level – 32, Defence – 20, Ranged – 40, HP – 31. All his other stats are at 0 currently. Can his stats pose any problems, e.g. would I be better off starting from scratch as opposed to altering this character into a mage?

– When I used to perform there were things such as Power Pures etc, where their abilities would be something similar to the following: Attack – 60 (so they can wield Dragon weapons), Strength – 99 (To strike harder of course), Defence – 0 to 60 (some kept it at 0 so their battle level was comparatively low, whereas others made it to 60 or even 70 in order to use Dragon etc). The point is there strength was their greatest combat ability therefore like I mentioned above, their battle level was fairly low but they could hit extremely substantial amounts. That is kinda what I would love to do with my mage, but I’m not sure how to go about doing it. The issue with RS is (as I’m certain you all know) that once you increase a skill you can’t reduce it you’re stuck using it, therefore I’d like to discover exactly what I’m doing before cheap RS gold I go about making this personality. What I do know however is that I want to maintain prayer at 1.

Asked on December 8, 2020 in Commentary.
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