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replica Jacob and Co. Astronomia Sky

Houston, we have the complication.


Adopting the stunning Astronomia at Baselworld 2015, Jacob & Company. is making its presentaciĆ³n in the world of modern high jewelry this year with a new UFO within the haute horlogerie galaxy. The actual patented Jacob Cut from the 288 spherical diamonds comprising the moon illuminates the actual celestial dome depicted within the dial, which sweeps as soon as in 20 minutes whilst revolving around its own axis for 60 seconds. It’s interesting! However , this is just one of the 8 main features of the Astronomia Sky, equipped with a three-axis gravitational tourbillon with an substantial star display.


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For the first time ever, any sidereal calendar is portrayed in three dimensions, although a star-studded sky seems on a grade 5 ti dial, making one trend per sidereal year: time it takes for Earth to accomplish its orbit, as demonstrated from Earth, let the sunlight return to the same position one of the stars in the sky. The globe revoked in the center naturally moves within a sidereal day, accompanied by a day/night indicator. Astronomia Sky also includes a everlasting calendar with the months shown on the edge of the switch, visible through the domed amazingly. The moon is no longer sufficient; wearing the Galaxy around the wrist will be the exclusive opportunity of 18 lucky upcoming owners. wholesale replica watches


Case: 18K rose gold colored, lift and swivel ribbon and bow for setting and realignment, domed sapphire crystal, waterproof to 30m Diameter: 47mm

Movement: Manual mechanised winding (JACM11 titanium motion, 60-hour power reserve), 393 components, hand-wound Haute Clocks, 3-axis gravitational tourbillon (60-second, 50-minute and 20-minute rotations)

Functions: Hours as well as minutes via patented differential, perpetual calendar, leap yr, day/night, sidereal display, gemstone spherical moon

Switch: Revolving around the sidereal 12 months, made of grade 5 ti, gold stars and zodiac signs engraved on the spinning dome

Strap: Crocodile leather with rose gold foldable clasp 18 pieces

Limited numbered series



Astronomical Sky by Jacob & Co.


Jacob & Co. is actually Astronomia Sky pushes the particular three-axis tourbillon even further. swiss luxury replica watches


For Jacob & Corp, it has a history of creating incredible complications never before seen in this timepiece industry (think Epic SF24, Quentin Tourbillon and Palatial Flying Tourbillon Jumping Hrs and Minute Repeater), Astronomia Triple Axis Gravitational Tourbillon, launched in 2014, transformed the game rule. Not only is it a distinctive complication, but it is a very gorgeous watch.


This season, Jacob & Co. has brought the astrogravitational three-axis tourbillon completely to another level with the addition of a world-first astronomical problem.


The new Astronomia Sky introduces a 3d star display, a unique day/night indication, an orbiting secs hand, a gravitational three-axis tourbillon – of course — and a spherical orange sky-blue moon.


This particular timepiece’s Celestial Dial is really a blue grade 5 ti dial featuring an 18-karat Venus and hand-engraved zodiac signs that make one complete revolution every sidereal season – the actual time it requires Earth to make one innovation around the sun respects star. Jacob & Co. Astronomia Sky 750. 110. 40. AA. SD. 1NS


Over this celestial dial may be the oval sky indicator, that shows the portion of the celebs visible from the northern hemisphere (don’t worry, Jacob & Co. will make one that displays the southern hemisphere atmosphere as needed). The indication makes one rotation within a sidereal day (23. 5640916 hours).


Noticeable through the sapphire case starting, the 12 months are viewed on the side of the stellar call. The perpetual calendar fingers indicate the current date.


At the center in the satellite axis, a hand-engraved lacquered titanium sphere revolves on its own in a tinted half-dome sapphire crystal, symbolizing almost all the time. Due to the differential system, this particular Earth undergoes one total rotation in 24 hours a day. www.chronowrist.ru


Four satellites never ending motion, revolving around the face every 20 minutes. Revolving on one of the satellites will be the stunning three-axis gravitational tourbillon, which rotates around 1 axis in 60 seconds; this revolves around the second axis each and every 5 minutes and the dial every single 20 minutes.


On the other satellite is the period (hours and minutes) subdial. Thanks to the clever differential gear system, the time screen is always in the correct place – in other words, 12 o’clock is always up!


On the third satellite could be the orbital seconds hand, some sort of skeletonized titanium wheel which rotates every 60 seconds, and in addition it makes one revolution round the dial every 20 moments.


On the 4th and final moon is a ” Jacob Cut Red-colored Moon, ” a round orange sapphire with 288 facets. A first for the contemporary jewelry industry, this jewel cut rotates around the axis every 60 seconds and round the dial every 20 mins.


Wow! Simply describing the watch is difficult enough, imagine designing and also producing it! https://www.cheapestwrist.co


Jacob & C. Astronomia 3-Axis Gravitational Tourbillon




Exclusive Jacob & Co. hand-wound JCAM11; 60-hour power reserve




47mm 18-karat rose gold; water resistant to 30m




crocodile skin

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