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Begin with a hunter guide… should give you good advice on what do with your mag, subclass, and ability trees. Force is not an Meseta pso2 excellent sub for hunter…

Thanks for the advice! I had been interested in drive which is the reason why I had went with it. I’ll be leveling all of my classes into 30 so it’ll give me more than enough time to see which class is best

This game is not hard at all (at least in our current state). So dont feel bad about making mistakes as nothing is really permanent/undo able. Things such as as mag levels could be flashed and class skill points could be redone (albeit with a few caveats like awaiting patches). My ultimate term of advice is find a group to join that you like, aside from bonuses and benefits they could teach ya the game if they are willing.

My strongest bit of advice is appearing at the set folder within an introductory means of getting setup using a 13*. No prerequisites other than doing content to get a 100% guaranteed 13* celebrity weapon. Because its equipment requirement is based on foundation stats, it’ll also push you in creating your personality via classes/subclasses/mag/device stats. Finally looking at how other people build via guides, videos, or simply asking is good but dont take it as law, play in a way that you like as few content will ever demandHeard they become ARKS Rappies, however, no ARKS fever and rappy eggs because the benefits are fixed from a certain pool.

Guess I’ll spam SHAQ as always feelsbadman.

I am able to confirm that they do and that it isn’t important because the falls are from a fixed pool, not the enemies.

Seasonal quest trigger rappies stay seasonal to that PSO2 Meseta for sale period. So not sure if they will turn ARKS, but at least they won’t become summer rappies if you’re utilizing a spring seasonal trigger

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