RSgoldfast – The Forehand Deke works by pressing change OSRS gold into the direction

Okay well I think you guys should add some ideas if you would like to feel free to add your thoughts BUT PLEASE DON”T FLAME it took me a while RuneScape gold to think of all of the datails of the mini-game. Oh and on emore item, it’s possible to ONLY steal from the people tat areon your intended screen.

I knew about 1 percent of what you’re attempting to say, mind clearing this up? Also clarify why we need ANOTHER Thieving (Pyramid Plunder) minigame? Okay there will be a big bilding and 3 portals which you simply enter ther is a lvl 1-30 portal a lvl 30-60 portal and a lvl 60-99 portal and when you enter it you will be in a stadium in which you steal from other players.

At the primary building where the portals you input are, you will notice a giant black portal that, if you click on it states”deposite in portal?” An dif you click on yes it is possible to deposite any things in it and an item in the portal will be teled to another players inventory that has just entered the arena.

When you buy an item in you inv. AND NOTE THIS if you’ve got a very low theiving lvl also it’s not difficult to steal from you, you’ll find an item of lower value than a player with high theiving. For example if you were a level 25 theif you could find a rune scim in your inentory and when you’re a lvl 90 theif you could get a dchain (it of course is dependent on what other Rs 3 gold players are depositin ginto the deposit portal) Okay now I’ll explain how you play this game.

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