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Madden 21 is DONE

I really like the optimism, guys. I really like Madden 21 coins and want it to be good. I am a franchise die hard and that will never change. But it’s a month and a half out of launch, what can they add to mend Madden 21? Honestly? Madden 21 is being made into discs in factories and they are working on the true face upgrade that follows launch and comes out in late September-early October. Will be around Christmas. They published that video as a PR stunt.

Please don’t fall for this. Madden 21 has a lot of potential and you are all too smart to be gullible enough to think they’re gonna correct franchise in a month. Be sensible. Keep flooding them with bad press and don’t buy Madden 21 till it goes on sale, please. Just have that much self restraint and produce their first release numbers plummet. Money talks. It may be the only language hinges know. I love you, keep fighting for what you really desire.

So that I doubt I am getting anything I prefer disk rather than digital. Also I might leave Xbox for PlayStation so I am sure I will have to buy twice at some stage. Yeah Xbox is down lol I may need to switch. Voice chat broken on multiple games for months(overwatch is a prime example), may never watch ur friends list half of the time. they lucky gamepass is a dollar lol or I’d have sold my Xbox already.I discovered that trending last night, PlayStation user. How often does that occur? There has been little things here and there but it’s usually game associated when they’re patching up things or doing maintenance.

Its easy to say, and I am 100% with you guys. Till I see real change I am not wasting my money on this heap of garbage. However, you gotta know the majority of football fans are still gonna buy Madden 21. That is who this post is for. To I am right there with you. However, to the folks who have hope.’m inclined to be rude but only get real. Madden 21 is gont suck. Do not waste your money or time. We want our money’s worth.

No. It’ll be worse than 20. buy Madden 21 coins was broken. Several players were helped by x-Factors and bankrupt others. Playing with CFM did not matter who you played as. Exactly the same is felt by every team. There’s no simulation. Browns and Cowboys each Superbowl. Seriously, 50? Madden 21 is going to be unbalanced. Drop zones but the CPU doesn’t? Kinda you sexy route however, the CPU isn’t programmed to? This is going to be the worst Madden because Madden 25.

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