The interface and layout of the NBA 2K22 game

In this sense, never more true, if we examine it from Nba 2k22 Mt the Xbox One version we will notice that the graphics and features are much better than those of the previous version. However, the gaming experience not at the peak of gameplay.

How will the next-gen edition appear visually? When you compare the previous version against that of Xbox Series X we will notice the differences beyond the jump in resolution and beyond, we can see that the textures and finishes for each player are different, there is greater expressiveness in the animations and expressions and even the lighting is significantly more pronounced.

As in NBA 2K21, we will observe some noticeable differences that demonstrate that, even though they offer the same basketball experience, the current and next generation version of NBA 2K22 are different games. The game’s menu and interface of Xbox One (and PS4) is very simple, and this extends to the choice of teams in the case of improvising games, or the distribution of modes.

However, the interface and layout of the NBA 2K22 game on Xbox Series X and PS5 is totally different. More visual, with videos running in the background plus more interactive components. The same is true of the menus for pauses between games. If it weren’t for the logos, it’s going to give the impression that these are two seasons.

A different and interesting aspect is the way of offering experiences that relate to The W and the WNBA especially when it’s one of the most reinforced segments of the current season. In the latest versions, all the modes are put in the one place , and are accessible from the main menu, while¬†buy mt nba 2k22 in other versions (including PC and Switch) the women’s basketball is distributed across all the games’ sub-modes. Own game.

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