Will Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Be Expanded

Thanks to dataminers, a potentially massive Animal Crossing: New Horizons island expansion update may have just been leaked. People have reportedly discovered a lot of fascinating tidbits about the game and what Nintendo is reportedly working on for it when digging through the game’s archives. Since last year’s release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has continued to update it in small bursts with substantial gaps in between larger additions. Nintendo is known for providing shoddy post-launch support for its games, but considering that New Horizons has sold over 30 million copies, some have speculated that it would make an exception. Many fans believe Animal Crossing: New Horizons is lacking in material, particularly when compared to previous games in the series.

Some players have complained that the elimination of Animal Crossing items from previous titles, as well as the update-based implementation of standard holiday activities rather than dramatic gameplay improvements, has left New Horizons feeling hollow. However, a recent suspected Animal Crossing datamine seems to suggest a forthcoming size increase to the southern shores of player islands, which may indicate a full-fledged expansion.

Many aspects of New Horizons set it apart from previous installments of the series. Its emphasis on ACNH DIY recipes collection, in particular, stands out, but not always in a positive way. New Horizons’ crafting has become boring for some players, and the game’s focus on freedom and customization has resulted in the elimination of shops such as the hair salon. Building improvements and town advancement are also limited in comparison to previous games due to the absence of the museum café. The single-player gameplay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons hasn’t changed much in the year since it was published. Players who have already earned a five-star rating will find it difficult to further customize their islands because interactions with villagers are minimal.

The New Horizons datamine showed a potential improvement in the camera’s southern movement cap on both mystery and player islands, so this could change soon. Although there has been no official word on the leak, and it’s conceivable that the move is only a Nintendo test, an increase in the camera’s cap seems to indicate that the island is expanding. This expansion may reasonably be coming soon, given that the code update is already in the game’s archives. While a simple island expansion does not seem to be a significant improvement, a larger area may provide more opportunities for players to enjoy Animal Crossing.

The requirements required to earn a five-star rating will be increased in an expansion, giving players something to aspire for and presenting them with a new design challenge. It’s also possible that the location isn’t just an ordinary construction site with nothing going on. A larger island might mean new structures, such as the café or more shops. These elements will give Animal Crossing: New Horizons more longevity by adding new interactions to the game and responding to player requests for major content updates.

Will Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Be Expanded

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