abrasion resistance and vinyl floor anti-stick features

ACCESSFLOORSTORE.COM is China’s leading producer of high-tech and creative elevated floor systems and commercial vinyl floors with over 15 years experience in offering single-stop floor solutions that combine content provision, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance for big, medium and tiny vinyl floors.

Long-term, functional and cost-effective Vinyl flooring conductive tiles are suitable for floor-lift systems in electrical-dependent areas as technological rooms requiring electrostatic discharges from datacenters, labs, generators of electricity. Manufactured by friction methods of graphite inserts in the content itself, it obtains optimum resilience to extreme fireproofing, waterproofing. Also for use in the control room, general office at a data center, is the ESD homogenous vinyl floor. This vinyl conduction flooring is used as technical rooms in spaces depending on electronics which need data centres, laboratories, electrical generators and electrical rooms for electrostatic discharges beyond other uses. The vinyl tiles (peel and stick PVC floor tiles)

The Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor of Huiya is manufactured through pressure processes with graphite inserts in the material itself, achieving optimum resilience to intensive traffic and is ideal for usage in labs, electrical environments, manufacturing of computer components and operating rooms and computer processing centres. With regard to longevity, the vinyl floor tiles are by no means less than their exterior role model! Huiya self-adhesive vinyl tiles may also endure significant pressure deficiencies and loads without causing any harm. They are even wet to the knees, soft to the joints and waterproof!

Many technological advantages combined with a first-class look lead to a specific combination of products that best equip any bed. The style offer is much wider and more diverse than in stone tiles! Everything from light marble decorations to original concrete replicas is open. Easily execute your concept requests with ACCESSFLOORSTORE.COM self-adhesive vinyl tiles!

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