ACNH April Data Mine New Discovery – Possible New Villager Items Discovered

Thanks to the recent April update released last week, we’ve had almost three months of fresh content up to version 1.10. The new update reports on all holiday and seasonal celebrations from through to early August. Any of the holidays introduced are last year’s refreshed festivities, including the month-long wedding season celebration that has players celebrating Reese and Cyrus’ anniversary and decorating Harvey’s cabin. It’s pretty cool, bringing one of the biggest themed collections back to New Horizons for a short period. Some of these smaller seasonal activities involve the annual summer and winter solstice events depending on which hemisphere, as well as the brand-new dragon boat festival and maritime day that will include unique pieces from each.

*New new object keywords
As with the diligent work of data miners, holidays are not the only items revealed by the new upgrade. So as always please keep in mind from this point on, we will explore ACNH Bells¬†found in data mines that might be a little spoilery. So if you don’t want to know the precise specifics or avoid speculation material, this article may not be for you. Anyway, thanks to the diligent work of data miners, a lot of new keywords have been unearthed from the latest update showing what seems to be several new handheld objects, like stuff such as GlDr, Trwl, and Pitc. They are, of course, brief text strings, usually representing game pieces or instruments. At this time, it’s guessing what these are short for, but some of the common community-right theories involve coconut drink, glass drink, trowel, dish stack, pitcher, and spanner with some still a total mystery. Usually those objects are kept by book-like characters or food items you see carrying villagers, or also stuff like kk sliders guitar and clipboard stickers. In this way, almost every object in a villager or NPC game is depicted. So in mind, it has contributed to plenty of rumors and confusion surrounding what these latest things might be used for or why they were introduced to the code of the game. The most famous idea and perhaps the community’s greatest hope is that Nintendo is planning to introduce a cafe or restaurant that can use villagers’ drinks.

Of course, this is all just conjecture, but it is a fair approximation whether these pieces are correct. We’ve seen this sort of thing before in an update posted at the end of last summer, different entries like these introduced for handheld products that didn’t exist before, including stuff like cooking utensils and cutlery that were seen later that year after a villagers update at the harvest festival. It’s worth noting that all of the latest keywords introduced back then exist untouched now, so that doesn’t imply they’ll all be used simply because this new list of future handheld products has been introduced now. They may and it’s always pretty fun to wonder what these objects might signify and what they might be used for. Plus at least it’s super exciting to hear that Animal Crossing engineers are already working and testing new technologies. So what do you make of these keywords? Are you guessing what these stand for? You think Nintendo’s planning for something big?

Lastly, thank all the data miners for their good work and the Animal Crossing New Horizons participants for sharing their observations and explanations with the group.

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