At my work-place, I have some peers and senior-managers who are quite committed to get me to quit my job. Is there anyway to change these adversaries into my allies ?

In work for a 5 star hospitality property of a global hotel chain in the F&B dept for over 17+ years. I have some peers and senior managers who are quite willing to undermine my credibility behind the back, scapegoat me by shifting all work operations performance deficits onto me, and. committed to applying work load pressures and burdens to get me to quit. There is definite purpose and motivation for these adversaries to undertake such behaviors – as I do not blindly and mindless participate, indulge, or collude, with certain practices.

Without injuring anyone, Is there any way to get my adversaries to leave me alone in peace, and just do my job ?

Asked on July 26, 2018 in Work Place.
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