Basic Cognition Of Aluminium Alloy Strip Coil

Plate definition: Aluminum plate refers to rectangular material with standardized thickness and rectangular cross section created by grinding (cut or sawcut) pure aluminum or aluminum alloy products. Internationally, aluminum components with thicknesses greater than 0.2mm – 200mm wide and length less than 16mm below 500mm are used as aluminum sheets or aluminum sheets and aluminum foils below 0.2mm. 200mm width is the row or strip (of course, with the progress of large equipment, the broadest can be 600mm of the row is also more)
Alloy composition typically includes multiple aluminum plates: High-pure aluminum plate (rolled from high purity Aluminium with content of 99.9 or more).

What does aluminum coil processing equipment know?
Aluminum coil manufacturing equipment has several types. Today we know the aluminum coil uncoiler, coiler and unwinder. The unwinder is used for various configurations for aluminum coil, aluminum foil, stainless steel plate and color steel plate. After uncoiling, leveling and shearing, it becomes the appropriate length and width flat plate.
The unwinder is used to automatically unwind film covering and development process machinery. The unwinder adopts automatic winding, automatic winding, automatic deviation correction, and automatic tension management. The fabric roll and paper roll wrapped on the heart are arranged via the air-rising shaft on the unwinding frame, and the two ends of the gas-rising shaft are fitted with protective caps. The automated electric servo cylinder is more versatile and precise than hydraulic correction, more lightweight and stable than ball screw correction. The torque beam tension sensor has higher measurement precision, faster reaction speed, proportional PID servo pneumatic tension control, and is more stable, fine and environment-friendly than magnetic clutch power. Automatic winding, reduced shutdown triggered by winding, released operator’s labor force and reduced method.

Aluminum coil and cross-cutting production line
Aluminum coil open leveler and cross cutting line for various rolling content configurations. After uncoiling, leveling and shearing, flat plate becomes the appropriate length and width. The Aluminum coil uncoiled leveling and leveling line mainly consists of feeding trolley, double support uncoiler, primary leveler, precision leveler, ruler setting unit, cross shear, stacking device, servo drive system, etc., and intermediate bridge swing form, traction device and deviation correction device are supported between machines.
After uncoiling and leveling cold rolled steel coil, hot rolled coil, stainless steel coil, galvanized steel coil, etc., the Aluminum coil open leveler and horizontal cutting line is ideal for stainless steel devices, electrical equipment, automobiles and machinery. It consists mainly of material preparation platform, feeding trolley, uncoiler, hydraulic support, four roller leveler, buffer bridge Hydraulic cutting machine, conveyor belt, piling unit, hydraulic system, hydraulic system (for hydraulic cutting machine), electrical control system, etc. 0.3mm-2.0mm, 0.5-4.0mm, 0.2-2.0mm, production plate width: 300mm-2000mm.

Pure aluminum sheet (the composition is basically rolled from pure Aluminium) Alloy tray Aluminum (composed of Aluminium and auxiliary alloy, usually including Aluminium copper, Aluminium manganese Aluminium silicon, Aluminium magnesium series) Aluminum aluminum plate (Aluminium plate outer edge coated with thin Aluminium plate for special purposes)
Thickness: (in mm)
0.2-2.0 Conventional Monitor 2.0-6.0 Mid-plate 6.0–25.0
Thick sheet 25-200
Over 200-thick plates

  • Use of aluminum plate: lighting, solar reflective film, architectural appearance, interior decoration (ceiling, wall, etc.), furniture, cabinet, elevator, tag, nameplate, luggage, interior and exterior automotive decoration, interior decoration (such as photo frame) home appliances (fridge, microwave oven, audio equipment, etc.), aerospace and military aspects (such as China’s c)
  • Higher alloy pieces, manufacturing and storing of chemicals, sheet processing parts, house baffles, cable ducts, sewers, assorted lighting parts. Aluminum coated 3004 alloy: covering, dense plate primarily used for house partition, sewer, manufacturing building cover
    5052: plate, dense plate, foil, stretch pipe, cold working tube, cold wire pin, rivet wire rod, this alloy has strong shaping and processing efficiency, corrosion resistance, weldability, fatigue strength and medium static strength used in the manufacture of aircraft oil tanks, oil pipes, transport vehicles, ships.
    Sheet metal pieces, meters, lamp supports, rivet iron, etc.
    6061: plate, dense, tensile tubing. Wire, conduit, rolled or extruded structural profile, cold working bar, cold working wire, rivet wire, welding. It needs some intensity and resistance
    Various industrial systems of strong corrosiveness and weldability, such as truck tubing, bars and profiles, tower building, ship, tram, rail cars, furniture, etc.
  • Classification and usage of aluminum sheets
    Under various production technology, it can be separated into cold rolling and hot rolling.
    It can be classified into thin plates and medium thickness plates
    Aluminum foil is referred to as gb/t3880-2006 quality aluminum foil with thickness less than 0.2mm.
    Commonly popular brands are: pure 1060 plate aluminum, strip, foil, dense plate, stretching pipe, extrusion pipe, form and rod. Cold work bar is primarily used in situations where corrosion tolerance and formability are comparatively strong, but not high component strength such as chemical machinery, ship equipment, railway oil tank car, conductive content, instrument material, welding pole, etc.
    3003: cover, strip. Foil. Platform. Extend the vent. Squeeze pipe. Kind. Type. Great. Rod wire. Bars worked cold.
    Cold wire, rivet wire, heat sink stuff. It is mostly used for processing parts requiring good molding performance, high corrosion resistance or weldability, or parts with these properties and higher strength than 1*** alloy, such as tanks and tanks for transporting liquid, pressure tanks, storage devices, heat exchanger, chemical equipment, aircraft oil tank, oil duct, reflector, kitchen equipment, washing machine block, rivets, welcoming equipment.
    CHAL Aluminum Corporation: plate, plate, tensile tubing. Tube partition, top sheet, pipeline, etc.
    3004: dense layer, extending tubing. As long as the extrusion pipe is used for easy-to-pull aluminum body, more than 3003
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