How To Attack Well In FUT 21 – Offense Tutorial FIFA 21

In real-life football, one part of the competition is offense and defense, and the realistic simulation of the FIFA 21 sports is no different. You need to score more goals to win a match at FIFA 21, and only successful assaults can improve your chances of hitting goals. In comparison with FIFA 20, attacking in FIFA 21 has evolved a lot, there are a lot of new options you can use and options that will help you improve your winning ratio. Here are some techniques and tips for attacking in FIFA 21 now, and hope you can help create more scoring opportunities when playing FIFA 21 online and online matches. If  you need cheap FIFA Coins, aoeah could be your best choice!

1. Use Passes with one touch
This is very important to make it difficult for the opponent to defend in an attack. Try to use as many one-touch passes as possible and the key is to increase precision early on. The one-touch passes are therefore amazing to use in attack and make it difficult to defend the opponent.

2. Lock It by Player
In the game, the playlock is great to use, it’s a new feature of FIFA 21, and when you have time on the ball, this is abuse, just to press down on both triggers and then take control of your player and you’re going to control the ball and then you can move as you want. Then you have time to pass and use a triangle to get this one-on-one open. That’s very efficient. This is the most elegant way of overcoming and outsmarting the defense of the opponent. Steps: press down L3 + R3, flick the desired receiver with the right stick, launch the pass.

3. The Passes Lofted
The lofted passes in FIFA 20 have been introduced and in FUT 21 they are still very efficient. If you want the ball to go towards the player or just in front and get this little extra dink on the ball that can easily find its way over the defender, a normal pass can simply not. All you have to do is double tap either X or triangle. So, using this trick, you can find some new passing angles and some fresh passing lanes.

4. Stepovers
To win some space on a pitch, this is a great move to use, just move forward in your positions while the ball remains quite protected. All you have to do is move the right stick in a quarter circle to activate these step overs, starting from the way you are facing them. You can also make an exit with the left stick just in any direction if you understand this concept, which gives this move some great variation and makes it very difficult to predict.

5. Hug The Sideline Line
When you are under pressure, it is great to use. The counter assault to this is whiff to use the hug sideline when the opponent is simply pressing and his players are running around, using team press and you can not find any options well. Just to go to activate this with d-pad up right, a quick tactic that will literally make your full backs and wingers hug and lick the side line that is great to use a surpass.

6. Composite workmanship
In the game, keeping movement is a big thing, the point will most likely try to cover either side, but if you just hold the shot for half a second, you will let the point expose yourself, you can just enjoy the open net, but the key is to remain calm at this moment and take that little extra time to see where the opponent is moving.

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