RuneScape – The most efficient method is to use the cannon

Would it be worth it to trade DFS to RS gold purchase Claws? I got spare money in my kingdom (like 4M in there ATM) so any other shield besides DFS/Ely/Divine/Chaotic? My inven is going to consist of 5 brews, the superattack and strength and then like three super restores along with a prayer potion, with the remaining rocktails. I have a tortoise , which I’ll fill with rocktails. Can that be enough to get two thirds of solo kills? With the original post and AGS equipment I killed 2 in a single session (including minions).

The most efficient method is to use the cannon or steel titan for frem boot 4. The order in which you take them down depends on whether you want tanks Supreme or not. The fastest way is to just alternate between Rex/Supreme in a 2-K world with cannon fire, then take a range Prime in the event that you have time . During this time, both Rex or Supreme will be dead. if you don’t, just let titan and cannon (and/or titan) destroy Prime. Titan is very precise on Supreme but not as much on Rex. Prime is quite weak to titan although not as well as Supreme.

Ideal gear would be Nex armours and chaotics, surgebox and arc stream when maging for the increased damage and Divine/Elysian/Chaotic/Drag defender for Supreme, depending on whether you’re comfortable flashing soul split while Prime is on you or not.

The majority of cannonballs are likely to be thrown away on Spinolyps and this is why a lot of people don’t use cannons, however it does speed it up quite a bit. Sometimes, it can damage Rex and Supreme also.

If you don’t want to tank Supreme, don’t bring the cannon (or If you do be sure to place your kills/kills precisely so that it only hits Prime or Rex (or Prime dies before Supreme is spawned and vice versa)) and first kill to tank all three (or just Prime/Supreme , if Rex does not spot you) while praying for buy OSRS gold mage or turmoil.

Asked on February 7, 2022 in Business.
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