The Endurance of Juicy Couture

It is tricky to argue versus the endurance of Juicy Couture. Just whenever you believe what could possibly be performed to update the styling; the new line proves hotter compared to past. Demonstrates like Entertainment Tonight, Obtain Hollywood and Desperate Housewives are walking advertisements for Juicy. The dangling “J” to the zipper is without doubt one of the most regarded fashion statements. It truly is one among the handful of, if any, strains the place strains that could be worn by mom and daughter. Considering the fact that currently being obtained by Liz Claiborne a few a long time back again, the line has branched out in all directions and provides some of essentially the most special and wanted fashions and equipment. Very the American good results story to get a designer of keep track of fits, “Juicy Loves Martha” T-shirts and ruffled tube dresses. The signature emblem offers their two terriers keeping a shield with a few hearts and the “Love P&G” for the two creators, Pam and Gela. The classic Juicy banner, crown as well as slogan “Made in the Glamorous U.S.A” and stands as one of the most juicy couture store recognizable in the fashion industry. Juicy Couture’s achievement in the trend industry has been largely due to their relationship with the Hollywood crowd. Juicy made a strategic move when they invited Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz and now Eva Longoria to don the Juicy Couture designs. What is overlooked with Juicy tracksuits is just how good they are made. Many other fad lines are made overseas and rely solely over the label to sell it. Not Juicy, made in the USA, and made well. Maybe even too well. They are almost indestructible, and wash immediately after wash has no effect on color or fit. The stitching is perfect as well as fabric maintains that snug fit and looks just as great as the first time worn. The imported velour, terry cloth and cashmere fabrics are second to none. The new dazzling colors and updated style changes are the main reason women return to add more, and more. I’m hard pressed to conjure up any casual clothing line that has stood this test of time while providing the same high quality and stand-out style. Each season the classic velour hoody gets redone into bold new colors and styling features such as puffed shoulders, rib-knit sleeves, satin ribbons and crinkled silk ruffles. The variety of sumptuous colors such as English Rose, Lady (Periwinkle), Plonk (Burgundy) and Top Hat (Charcoal) each have a distinctive hue which separates them from the bland colors of other lines. In addition to the women’s line, Juicy has branched out into children’s and men’s clothing as well. The Juicy accessory line now includes handbags, duffel bags, jewelry, gloves and scarves. How can the true Juicy addict resist the Juicy pet coat? The handbag line has been a huge accomplishment. Priced more in the Coach range, then the juicy couture sweatsuit upper Louie and Gucci bags, the bags are more oversized and boldly don the classic symbol. Most with the smaller accessories such as wallets, scarves, jewelry and gloves come Juicy boxed and make great gift giving. Just after all my skepticism, Juicy is here to stay and re-does itself each and every season without compromising the quality and chic style women have come to appreciate.

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