What is the reason for the collision of CNC machine tool?

Today, let’s talk about tool collision. CNC machine collision is caused by the above reasons. How to solve it? What should we do after the knife collision of the high gloss machine of the precision carving machine?


The main causes of collision are as follows:

1. Wrong input of diameter and length of tool or grinding wheel;

2. The size of the workpiece and other related geometric dimension input error, as well as the initial position of the workpiece positioning error;

3. The workpiece coordinate system of the machine tool is set incorrectly, or the zero point of the machine tool is reset in the process of machining. Most of the machine tool collision occurs in the process of rapid movement of the machine tool. At this time, the collision is also the most harmful and should be absolutely avoided. The operator should pay special attention to the machine tool in the initial stage of executing the program and when the machine tool is changing the tool or grinding wheel. At this time, once the program is programmed and the diameter and length of the tool or grinding wheel are input incorrectly, it is easy to collide.

4. At the end of the program stage, if the sequence of tool retraction of each CNC axis is wrong, collision may also occur.


Solutions to collision:

1.  When using the cutting tool and grinding wheel for CNC machining the first time, it is necessary to set the cutting tool carefully.

2. When operating the machine tool, the operator shall observe whether the machine tool has abnormal action, spark, noise, abnormal sound, vibration and scorching smell. In case of abnormal conditions, stop the program immediately, and the machine can continue to work only after the problem of standby bed is solved. At the same time, before the operation, the operator should accept the safety training of the machine tool operation, and can work on the machine tool only after holding the training certificate.

3. Before working, the operator should know the location of the fire extinguisher, the position of the air pressure switch of the machine tool, the position of the input power switch of the machine tool, the position of the hydraulic workstation, and the emergency closing method. For the grinder using cooling oil, the fire extinguisher should be placed within three meters of the machine tool.

The general processing steps of knife collision of high gloss machine and fine carving machine are as follows:

– The first step is to check the spindle to see if there is any mechanical problem, that is, the spindle is mechanically jammed. If the spindle can rotate smoothly by hand, it means that the spindle is OK.

– The second step is to check whether the spindle driver gives an alarm. If it gives an alarm, turn off the main power supply and wait for a few minutes before starting the machine.

– The third step is to check other circuits.

– The fourth step can not be solved by itself, please contact the manufacturer for the first time, and ask the manufacturer to send professional personnel to solve the problem (Haoda provides professional after-sales service, quick response within 24 hours).

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